Walking On Water

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Well, it has been a crazy few months!!! I’ve wanted to blog, but I’ve spent more time asleep in bed then doing anything else. Most of you know that is because… YES! Baby #4 is on the way!!! And yes, I have been terribly sick… almost 17 weeks now, and hoping for permanent relief soon :) We are so, so excited to be expanding our family, and the kids can’t wait for baby to arrive. In the words of Danger, “I didn’t really care when Ember was born (LOL!) but I can’t wait for this baby to come!” So…. cute. And so like a 5 year old :)

But that is not all that has happened in the last two months. I last left you when we were headed out to New Mexico to start on our new adventure. We were excited for the training that it would be for Kirk, the fun place to live for our family, and the opportunity to start off on the hospitality ministry that we feel God has put in our hearts to do.

As life often does, things did not go quite as expected. This new camp is MASSIVE and everything is moving at a breakneck pace. No sooner had we pulled up in our caravan of trucks then Kirk was busy, heading into a meeting. It became clear that this was not exactly what we had signed up for. The hours were crazy, the work, overwhelming. We clung to the Lord, claiming it out, “You will prepare and equip us for every good work! (2 Tim 3:17).”

As we looked at logistics, it came about that our coffee ministry, at least in the way we have envisioned, was not going to be possible there. That was a hard blow. That was the main reason we had come to Glorieta, since God has put that passion on us so fiercely. We struggled but we trusted, thinking perhaps this is a preparation season. Perhaps, there are other tools and suitcases to pack as we are here. The hours were more than we bargained for, the work, way more complex than we had imagined. And to top it off, I was deathly sick, losing pounds every day, not even keeping water down.But we leaned on the Lord, trusting… we clung to the story of Peter in Matthew 14.

“Jesus said ‘come out!’ and Peter jumped overboard. Then, he walked on the water toward Jesus.”

Now, we know that Peter panicked, and began to sink. It says that “he looked down at the waves, and lost his nerve…” Peter’s mistake was taking his eyes off of Jesus… and so, we prayed and prayed and hoped and focused and believed. God had brought us to this place, and He didn’t bring us so that we would drown. We would walk, and it would be for His great glory, since it would only be possible in Him. It was not easy, but even in the craziness, there was, for the most part, a great peace that was with us as we made it through, one day at a time.

But, with the actual work, there were starting to be complications. We had come out so Kirk could run a ministry, but this was one that still needed to be built up from scratch, and with no time to spare. As time went on, it was becoming clear that Kirk was probably not the best fit for this current task… still, we trusted, and prayed. Eventually came a meeting that, honestly, didn’t surprise us much. They need this job done, now, by someone with experience. Kirk would be great for the long term, but there just wasn’t time for him to learn as he went on this job. We weren’t surprised, exactly, but at the same time, we couldn’t see what God was doing. He brought us here, He would make Kirk able to walk this out, He would equip him even though this was all so new! But instead, God kind of gently lifted us back onboard…
There were a lot of emotions as we processed what we were going to do… we called our pastor and our parents. We prayed and cried and, honestly, took deep breaths of relief. We had planned to stay and do what God called us to, no matter how hard and impossible it seemed, no matter if it didn’t seem to fit…. and instead we were being released to something else. We decided quickly we needed to get back to Houston, to start networking there and see if there was another ministry God would want us to step into, or if we were to continue to pursue our own ministry ideas…

A miracle occurred. I was no longer sick. I packed our entire house in 2.5 days. I don’t even know how that happened! After literal months of bedrest, I had enough energy to get everything cleaned, separated, packed and ready. Praise Jesus, if this had happened a week before, it would’ve been a lot different. Then, we loaded up, and made the long drive back to Houston.

There are a few different paths on the horizon, and we are praying and trusting that God knows our needs. Please pray with us as we explore what God wants for us to do now, and in the future. Please pray for Baby (we need a nickname, thoughts??), it’s been through a bit of a stressful season. And a new blog name too, as I come to think of it :)

Let me just close with giving the Lord amazing honor and praise! He is so good, and His plans for us are good. Be excited with us, thank God when you pray, remembering…

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:3, 4-6
love love love in Him, who has overcome,

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