There Is No Plan B

Hello our friends!!

Can I say what a whirlwind the last few months have been!?!! Moving back to Texas, still being morning sick, reconnecting and getting our bearings has made time fly! FINALLY, (I did not think it would ever happen), but we are on our last week of homeschool :) 25 weeks along with babycakes, and feeling better every day…

When we first found out that we would be leaving Glorieta, we called our pastor back here in Houston. He prayed with us to help us figure out the things God was saying to our hearts. We talked a lot about our desires for ministry, our restaurant, our heart for community and for discipleship. He had to leave for a meeting, and we went back to preparing to head back to Houston. We had no idea how fateful that call would be.

That meeting he had to run to was with a family in Austin, a family that then expressed the very same dreams that we had. They had a lot of great ideas and resources, they were just looking for people to partner with them. Also in Austin, there was a movement growing, a desire from a variety of families and pastors for Mission24 to come plant a church on the UT campus… and after a lot of prayer and several trips to Austin, it all started clicking together.

After arriving in Houston, Kirk went to a worship night at UH with Lance Wallnau. After Lance spoke, he was praying for people that were there. As he prayed over Kirk, he said, “God is telling me that you have been following Him wherever He has taken you, and it has felt like it is all a fog. He is saying it is all about to become very clear, laser-like in focus, and that you are going to see the path He has brought you on all along.”

And laser-like it has been, as we have prayed and visited with the folks in Austin and talked with the staff of Mission24. We were accepted and have committed to come on staff with Mission24, taking up discipleship and our family ministry with a larger scope, and heading to Austin to launch the new church. We are filled with excitement and peace as we get ready to jump into this new season. We have been sending out ministry updates and have started sharing our vision with a lot of you, especially locally here in Houston. We will be making our way west next month.. We really want to share all that God has done in our ministry here in Houston, and all that we are expecting as we expand to Austin in this coming school year.

That, my friends, explains the whole new look! We have rebranded (hopefully for the last time, we cannot just keep adding lampstands, LOL!) We are a Family On Fire for the Lord, ignited to His purposes, lights to a dark world. Check out the site, find our more about Mission 24, our specific roles, and how you can partner with us. We are looking for God to do a miraculous work to launch us in time for this school year. If you want to be invested in what He is doing, please get in touch with us!

We are so excited for all that God is stirring in us, and as crazy as it all seems, we are pushing forward with Him. There is no Plan B, there never has been…. there is only Him and His vision. And so we trust.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

We love, love, love you. Thanks for cheering us on as we step out of the boat, onto the stormy seas. It rarely makes sense, but there are miracles to experience on the water that can’t be seen from the shore… Let’s see what He wants to do :)

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