Southwest Tour!! Are We Going To See You???

UPDATED: WE have made some trip adjustments. Please see our new post HERE!

Friends!! We are so excited for our Southwest Support Raising Tour! We will heading out of Houston on July 15 and making our way through New Mexico, Colorado and California. We want to visit with all of the people that we miss and we want to share all that God is doing in more detail and find ways to get y’all connected to partner with us.

Want a visit?? Send us a message! Think your small group might be interested?? Let me know, and I can send you more info so that you can see more details about our ministry.

It is going to be many hands making this things a reality, and we are so excited to share the past successes and future vision of M24 and our part in that!!

We will be tracking our progress here and on the Facebook page, so keep up with our trip! Also, we will be planning a few get-togethers so we can party with a lot of our favorite people at once, so keep an eye out for those!

Thanks for investing in the amazing work God is doing, we are so blessed to be walking out this incredible journey :)


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