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Open Door – and We Are Walking!

We are moving. Literally!

We got the job we applied for in Houston! Contracts are in the works and we are on our way to start April 1. It’s amazing that something that has been so long in the works can all of a sudden POP! and it’s time to go. So, let me tell you a little about the amazing thing our whole family gets to be a part of.

The organization that we are working for is called Lifehouse of Houston. It’s a residential maternity home for girls in crisis pregnancies – girls that are homeless or have been ostracized from their families due to their pregnancies. The girls range in age from 12 (12!?!) to 24. They have to apply to come live at Lifehouse. They stay there for the duration of their pregnancy and for a period of time afterward. During that time, they will continue going to school and work and receive professional counseling and medical care. Lifehouse is there to provide a safe emotional environment for these girls to be in so they can figure out the next steps in their lives. For some of them, it will be to place their baby for adoption. For others, it will be to parent their baby. The choice is up to them – Lifehouse is completely donor, not adoption, funded, which allows the girls a real freedom of choice. Both decisions are difficult, and Lifehouse wants to make sure that the girls make an educated decision for whats best for both them and their babies. Our role there will be as Houseparents. We will live on site with the girls and, literally, parent them. Take them to school, doctors and court appointments, and host visitation. Help settle arguments, make meals, let the girls talk and fight and cry and figure out exactly what to do next. We are beyond honored to be accepted for this position. It really is a position for our entire family – having our kids on site with us will allow the girls the opportunity to see the amazing, beautiful parts of parenting and the difficult, stressful parts as well. It is an extremely immersive position, and an emotionally exhausting one, but we are so excited to tackle it with the Lord’s strength.
As we were waiting to go to our interview in Houston, Kirk and I were sitting there, talking, stressing, and praying. It was the most amazing moment of our marriage. We have known that God was taking us on a path to somewhere, and we knew, whether or not we got the position, that we were supposed to be right there, knocking at that door. There was such a peace about knowing that we were at least following the right map. To have gotten the position makes that moment even more sweet. As we went through our day of interviews, each one seemed to confirm more and more that this position was practically made just for us. It spoke to our desires to be His hands and feet, to be immersed in ministry, to be serving together as a family, to reach out to the husband- and father-less (James 1:27), to be stretched, to just LOVE out on these girls that so need to hear that they are loved.

I have been so blessed to see Kirk grow along this road we have gone on. He has grown in spiritual and emotional maturity, he has learned how to teach and be teachable, he has developed his weak areas and fortified his strengths. I am so blessed to be following him into this ministry and serving with him. This job will test us as a couple, as parents, as people, but we are determined to be strengthened through it and are excited for all that it holds. I can’t wait to share about the amazing things God does through this ministry!

Please pray for us as we prepare to move and leave so many of the things and people we love here in California. That will probably be my next post – working through saying goodbye. Pray for joy and peace and ease as we move forward.

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