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Noses and Hands

Wow, it has been a loooong time. Sorry about that.

You know, it says in Deuteronomy 4:24 “”For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” When I was in junior high, one of my teachers did a demonstration that often the length we feel away from God is the distance we put there, but the moment we turn around He is just waiting to be nose to nose with us, jealous for our attention. Today, I was thinking, “Lord I just wish you were closer. I just wish I could feel you thisclose. It sometimes feels like it has been a while.” Moments after thinking that I glanced over and saw a man. Nothing super exciting about this man, except that he had a very prominent nose. A nose very like the nose my Grandpa Sam had…

My Grandpa died about 3 years ago, and I was sad he was gone, but happy that he was at peace. This last year, though, has been more difficult for me. I miss him a lot and think about him almost every day. As I glanced over and saw this almost-Grandpa my eyes flooded with tears. My Grandpa was a remarkable man, and there were a few things about him that really defined him. One was that he loved music. He was a talented trumpet player back in his day, but years of bricklaying and age had taken that love from him. He still talked about it all the time and would pretend to play and he sang until the last. The other amazing thing about my Grandpa is that the thing he wanted most of anything was to be with Jesus. He loved my Grams to pieces, he loved all of us, but he simply could not wait to talk with his Lord. He couldn’t wait to walk in heaven, couldn’t wait to sing to Jesus all day. Some might think it’s scary that he talked so much of dying with even us, his youngest grandkids, but it wasn’t. It was beautiful. He LOVED Jesus, He was his best friend. Every conversation we had brought me to Jesus’ feet.

And so, I love, love, love that I know that my Grandpa is up there right now, complete and whole, playing his trumpet with healthy hands, talking with his King. I love how it says in Corinthians that we will rise up with an “imperishable body; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power.” This is one of the great hopes that the gift of Christ is to us – that the things here on earth that decay and are lost will be restored in such splendor and glory and power to us when we reach our true Home. What a beautiful HOPE. What a joy that even with all that we go through here in the life, the pain that is sometimes too great, the loss that feels like too much, that these are not forever wounds…

When I was little, I honestly used to think heaven was going to be kinda boring. In fact, I felt that way for a long time. As I grew older and learned to really LOVE God, my deep desire for that time with Him has grown. And I feel like the thought of my Grandpa is a perfect picture of what heaven is and will be, doing our favorite things with our favorite people as we are brought together in the hope from our Savior.

Thank You Jesus, for such an immediate rush to my side. Thanks for the quick reminder of the hope I have in You, in the reason we strive to serve You and to bring others to know You.

Miss you friends :) Pray for us as we continue to serve here at Lifehouse. Our San Diego friends – we are on our way, see you in a week! And my facebook friends, there is a video on my page you should check out. Just saying :)

Love you guys!

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