Look At The Birds


I’m sorry I have not been posting a lot, this trip has been amazing and filled with jam packed days and VERY long car rides. Praise the Lord, the kids have been amazing in the car, and babykins has been very cooperative. We have been blessed to see some amazing views along the way (helllllooooo, Grand Canyon!!), to visit so many of the people that we love and to get to share all of the amazing things God has been doing.

As the days have been moving forward, and my due date inches ever closer, I have to be mindful not to let the crushing hugeness of our journey consume me. As a recovering worrywart, I am having to daily, hourly, moment by moment, surrender our care to the Lord. On the first leg of our journey, we stayed with friends of friends, and met the most AMAZING family that just was an absolute Godsend to me. Parents of 6 amazing kids, homeschoolers, former missionaries and current pastors, their hospitality and warmth embraced us. One thing Kirk and I noticed was that all over their home, they had the start of memory verses. We have had verses up in our home since we got married, but I loved that all of their verses were just the very beginning, making me recall back to myself the rest of the words. As we sat out on the front porch, watching an amazing lightning storm and telling them about our trip, the one over their door stood out to me.


Look at the birds… such a simple phrase, one that seems to make you want to look around you and take a deep breath. But it caused my mind to search back for the verse from Matthew 6,

“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”

As I fight against the pressure to do more, share more, blog more, pray more so that we can get closer to our financial goal, so that we can get a house, so that we can move before school starts, so that we can be settled before baby, so that… I was overjoyed to be reminded – look at the birds. That verse isn’t my ticket to just do nothing, it isn’t justification for me just to freeload off of God, but it is a get-out-of-jail free card to bypass the worry and stress that are just waiting for me to strap them on my back and haul them around.

So every morning, and throughout the day, I cast my worries upon Him, because He cares for me. I know that we will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. We need not fear when heat comes; our leaves are always green. That I will keep our hope in the Lord who will renew our strength. (1 Peter 5:7, Jer 17:8,Isaiah 40:31)

As we have gone along the way, friends have asked how they can pray for us. Here are some of our biggest prayer requests:

To have rest and encouragement
To have health for the journey
To reach our financial goals ( we are currently at 50%)
and the biggie, the one we have asked every person the the way to pray for…

A house…
You see, Austin is an amazing city. It is one of the fastest growing in America, and likewise, one of the most expensive. That is part of why our financial goals are as high as they are. Our biggest prayer is that our God, who owns the cattle on 1000 hills, who cares for His birds and lilies, will provide the ideal home for our ministry in Austin. That it will be close to campus, that it will be roomy enough for our family to live in and do school, that it will be set up in a way that we can easily host the students that we want to reach. Whether God helps reach the financial needs for us to get one that will work, or set us up with someone that can give us a deal, or just give us or the ministry a home outright, we are praying for supernatural provision for this critical part of our ministry. Please pray with us, that we will have wisdom and divine appointments for this need to be met.

Thank you friends for walking on this journey with us. We thank you for your prayers and hospitality as SO MANY of you have opened your homes to us for rest and meals. We are so excited to be sharing all that God is doing, and display His glory as He makes a way for us to move forward in His work.

We LOVE you!



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