Just Like Christmas

Growing up, I had some really great Christmas mornings. I have super thoughtful family, and yearly, I’m surprised and blessed at the cool things that they pick out for me. And even though it’s almost spring, it’s been feeling a lot like Christmas over here.

When we started support raising, it was amazing when people would join our support staircase. We’d wake up the kids to tell them when a family had committed to us. I thought that would be the most exciting part of our venture, but I couldn’t have imagined what else God had in store.

One of my favorite things about partnering with Mission24 is the people we serve with. There is just a culture of excitement, expectancy, faith and joy – being with them, doing life with them, is a huge blessing. And as we grow out here in Austin, and people are coming to visit us and deciding to stay, it feels like Christmas to me over and over again. We’ve had families come to our service, and we’ll get to know them, and Kirk and I just pray, “God, they are so awesome! They would make such a cool part of Mission24! We’d love to see them all the time! Are you really going to bless our lives with these people, with their talents and humor and joy!? What an amazing gift! You know us so well!”

And no, not everyone who has visited continues to come, although we have made so many friends along this journey. But those that have decided to stay, to be part of our little church, to meet with us week after week and come over for dinner, and discuss and dream with us, they are like the perfect Christmas presents. Matthew 7:11 says, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” And what a good Dad God is, continuing to bring us gifts of people who make our lives so much richer.

So, THANK YOU to all of you reading, and praying, and supporting, and all of you who have come and celebrated with us at M24 and those who have decided to keep on coming, you are all some of our most precious gifts. We love you, we are so glad we get to do life with you!!!

love, love, love,


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