Day 64: News!

Here is the BIG news:

We are going to the Outbound Conference!!!! Apparently, our personality test results were balanced enough (really?) that we get to move on to this next stage of the mission process. The conference is a week long, and has counseling sessions, interviews, and training workshops. I am SOOOO excited. It is set up kind of like camp, and I think it is going to be really fun, really insightful, and really neat for Kirk and I to grow together as we seek the Lord .So much to organize and a short time to do it! We need to get time arranged off for Kirk and get flights booked. The babies are staying here in San Diego, so we are trying to figure out care for them for a week. Also, we have a lot of material to cover regarding the part people tend to dread about missions – fund raising. Now that we are okayed for this next step, it’s time for us to start practically looking at the funds needed for this mission. If any of you have been praying and are interested in supporting us financially, check out the Contact Us tab. There, you can send us a little note about what you are interested in doing. Thanks to everyone who has already indicated wanting to give – a lot of hands make light work, and everyone giving a little really is adding up. I cannot tell you how blessed we are by your generous hearts. Soon, we will start taking formal pledges, and we will have a graph going so you can track our progress with us on the Support tab. I think that all of us are going to be just amazed at what the Lord can do. Like it says in Philippians 4:19, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” I know it is true!

More than money, though, we need prayer. Prayer, prayer, prayer! Prayer for wisdom for the staff at OM as they look at where to place us, prayer for discernment on our part to hear where the Lord is directing us, for open and closed doors, for creativity, for peace. Pray that all of the small offerings will be fish and loaves that will meet all of our needs, and that we will have faith, wisdom, and joy. Our prayers are for all of you, that God will move in all of your lives as we seek revival.


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