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Day 60: Overstuffed Luggage

Patience is a frustrating virtue. The only way to make it less painful is to practice it and the practice is so. very. painful. We have reached a (fairly obvious) lull in the application process. Two weeks ago, after a few weeks of quiet, I asked OM for an update. They let me know they were still waiting for our personality test results to get back. There is only one person who can do it and apparently, he’s pretty backed up. Until those grades are in, we won’t know if we get to progress on to the Missions Conference which is now 7 weeks away. I haven’t written our adviser again, but the suspense is killing me. I have tried exceedingly hard to be patient. Still, each day this week I have raced to my computer to check for an email. Each day: a sad, empty mailbox.

It’s kind of been getting me down. But, I have tried to focus on remembering that the Lord has it all in His plan. He does not orchestrate everything in our lives, and He cannot control our actions, but He does promise to work all things to good for those who love and follow Him. (Romans 8:28) I was telling a friend that getting ready for this mission is a lot like packing a suitcase for a mystery adventure. Will I need a snorkel? Will I need a coat? In the same way, am I going to need to know how to handle such and such situation? Am I going to need to be loving to this kind of person? Am I going to need to have patience? YES! So, learn it, and pack it away. And my love glows for this whole experience. Not just for the promise of what this journey could be, but for the lesson it has taught me that our entire life is a trip that needs that overfilled bag of lessons learned in order to make it through.

And while patience is a lesson that is going to require quite a bit more practice, I am adding tiny measures to my overnight bag. I hope that someday, I will need a train trunk. Or, two.

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