Day 5: A New Path

Day 5 for us, Day 1 for the blog, although I have been thinking of writing since this all began. Well, let’s begin at the beginning…If We Are The Body – that song has been the Lord’s hand poking me for years. Every time I hear it, I long for some unknown thing, and 5 days ago, it found a mark.Missions. Something that has long been my both Kirk and my desire. A season we thought we both had missed. As I listened to the lyrics and wished I had found time for missions earlier in my life, I wondered why we couldn’t just go now… and I heard a quiet, “You can.” No house payment, no car payment, no debt. The kids aren’t yet in school. Kirk’s job has been a blessing, and it is work he enjoys, but he has been longing for something that held purpose. Through lots of prayer, and some wise counsel, we are beginning to look in the direction of the Great Commission. It will require lots of sacrifice, and even more faith. But my heart is stirring…We have yet to see where our path goes. This may be the blog of a family that failed to go into missions. Or it might be the diary of a great adventure. I do know that it will be a documentary of the Lord’s mighty hand moving in our little family, the unveiling of a map written in invisible ink. Please join us in prayer, that we might know the will of God.

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