Wallet with Dollars

Day 22: Cash Control

Money… this used to be one of my largest fears, something that really controlled me. I used to be so stressed about money that I would avoid looking at our bank account for days, too stressed to pay bills or try to balance the checkbook. Money was TIGHT, and I lived in fear. Then, a friend of ours led our small group in a financial class, and we saw many of the mistakes we were making. We weren’t tithing properly – which was an error, honestly, but still wrong. We didn’t have a proper budget and we needed to re-prioritize. It seemed impossible. We were upside down every single month, mostly by a too-expensive car that we had bought in haste and ignorance. We decided to sell it, to find a cheaper place to live, to tithe properly and to budget out expenses. It has been a LONG process, and we are still learning every single month. With these changes, we immediately began to see miraculous provision. And the Lord has blessed us – we are doing much more with even less now than we had then. It is interesting to think that this whole period of learning to control our finances in a more Godly way was just to set us up for this new task. Being in missions requires us to handle money that is being entrusted to us, that we are pledging to use wisely. If you are considering whether or not to support us, please be encouraged that this is an area that the Lord has been working in for years now. We are nowhere near perfect, but we continue to strive to use God’s provision to it’s maximum potential.

I am reading a lot in Colossians right now (LOVE IT!), but glanced back at where Phillipians runs into it and saw the verses at the end of chapter 4. Verses 18-19:
“I have received everything in full and have an abundance; I am amply supplied, having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God. And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

I was so blessed to read about Paul’s provision from the church – that God not only made sure there was enough, but even more so. God’s movement on the heart of His people to give, and their obedience, created a sweet perfume and He would provide in turn for His people. I love that God’s blessing in giving is two-fold: unto others and unto ourselves as we obey.

The numbers we are looking at for this ministry feel just as daunting as when we redid our finances. How can we ever raise this kind of support? But, if we are in His will, He will make a way. I recently shared with a wonderful friend about my money anxiety. She reminded me that when God took the Israelites through the River Jordan, He did it during the high water season, that it would be even more to His glory and might. Wouldn’t I rather have this be just another sign of God’s power, and of His blessing on this ministry?

I don’t have fear or anxiety over money like I used to – I trust that as long as I am faithful with what God give us, we will be provided for. I cannot wait to see this mighty miracle the Lord will do in this area of support for our ministry. Please continue to pray for God’s direction and His provision in this new venture.



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