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Almost Too Beautiful To Say

This year started for us with a call to surrender. We did a long fast, and surrendered in our hearts to the burden of our ministry at Lifehouse. It seemed like it would be hard, but it was actually one of the easiest things we have done, and it led us into an amazing season of rest and freedom. We have had an amazing year, full of God’s provision, but we knew He had more for us to do. We felt adventure coming, and it didn’t take long for it to find us.

Ever since Kirk and I got married, we have dreamed of opening our own little coffee shop, somewhere that would be very homey, with little rooms and spaces for talking and playing games. As time has gone on, that dream has come back to the forefront of our minds many times. We’ve made dozens of sketches and driven to tons of empty buildings to daydream how we could make it work. As we ended our season at Lifehouse, it came up again, but with a twist. What if we could make it a ministry, a non-profit even? What if the staff was not just there to serve, but to love on the guests that came? We began to focus again, making new plans and asking advice. Admittedly, most people thought we were nuts. But the idea had taken hold of us with such force, we felt like we needed to walk it out. As we began to pitch the idea around, lots of people liked it, loved it even. We kept waiting for something that we knew was important, for someone to come along and say – “yes, let’s do it together!” But time went on, and that never happened, and we just kept praying that God would tell us what He wanted us to do.

Kirk hadn’t been at Storage Choice long before he was contacted by a friend of a friend to interview for a director position at a new Christian camp. Camp life has been another one of our dreams, and many of our resumes had gone to camps all over the country as we got ready to transition from LifeHouse. But we still felt responsible to this call God had put on us, so Kirk responded with something like: “Thank you, but we think God might be calling us to do something else…” Well, you can imagine our surprise when the camp responded with “Great, we’ll contact you soon!” What was God doing? We tried to close the door, but somehow, it stayed open. We figured we had better see what this was all about.

A number of phone calls later, and this job was turning into a reality. Kirk met with the directors several times, and the job was right up his alley, but we still couldn’t shake our coffee-filled dreams from our minds. During one of Kirk’s conversations with the staff, they talked briefly about why they seemingly ignored what Kirk had said in his email. They said they were looking for someone who could do the job, but who also really wanted to do what God wanted him to do. As they talked more with Kirk about our ministry ideas, they said what we’d been waiting to hear. “That’s a great idea, let’s do it!” The camp would be a perfect place to open this cafe, to be a ministry for the campers and the city nearby….and with that my heart just about breaks open with wonder and joy….

Really? Lord, are you for real? For 8 years now Kirk and I have dreamed this dream together. For almost 12 months exactly, it has burned like a match that we had no idea how to handle – do we light something with it, do we let it burn out? And here, now, without us doing a thing, you have opened a path that is so beautifully crafted for us, that I can almost not take it in.

In just a few weeks, we head for the San Cristao mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kirk will be starting his job as the Director of Food Service for a brand new camp, Glorieta, sister of Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas. It’s a high adventure camp, focused on rock climbing, white water rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, riflery… it’s focus is all about becoming bold in who God made you to be. Camp starts in a few months, and hopefully soon we will be getting some coffee shops off the ground, ready to meet people where they are and do life with them, everyday.

To say we are blessed would be the understatement of the year. There are so many tiny things, little connections that have shown us that, unexpected as it is, this is exactly where God wants us to go. I have been BURSTING to tell you all, to tell the story of God’s goodness. Follow us again, as we see what He has for us in Glorieta.

I close with Isaiah 30:21,23a

“Your own ears will hear Him. You will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way you should go,” …Then the Lord will bless you.”


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