Mission 24

We intend to be a people that embodies the culture of heaven and manifests it here on earth. We rely on people experiencing the presence of God, hosting His presence and extending the borders of His kingdom. We expect Christ to build the church, and we will co-labor with Jesus by following His model of discipleship based on love, community, and empowerment. We believe the most strategic area for us to best steward the resources God has given us are colleges and universities.As Christ centered disciples are developed into leaders, they will be sent to release God’s presence to the campus and the nations for global transformation.

Square Peg Coffee

Ever since we first met, we have wanted to open a coffee shop, inn or little diner. We wanted to create a space where we could host, serve, get to know and love on the people in our community. Over the years we have planned and dreamed, and our hopes took a hundred different shapes. We are so excited that we are starting on that journey with the launch of our mobile coffee venue – Square Peg Coffee Company.
Square Peg’s purpose is simple – love thy neighbor. We do that by giving you our best product, our undivided attention, and our intentional hospitality. We are excited to steward this business well and walk it forward into all that God wants to grow it into. Find out more HERE!